How to Win Real Money on MyVegas Slots

With the expansion of slots, especially online ones, people have been trying to find a way to spend less money and win more. This sounds almost utopian, but if you consider how many no-deposit bonuses there are for myriad of games, you will see it’s not that hard to play for free and win real money.

That being said, some games can help you win more than just money. You might think that’s not possible, but if you think of luxurious lunches, hotel stays, vouchers, and more, you’ll be surprised to learn that all of this is available on MyVegas. We’ll talk more about that and if you are able to play MyVegas slots for real money.

What Is MyVegas

MyVegas represents a series of casino games that are free to play and that are produced by Playstudios. Since this concept came out, people have seemed to be confused about what it actually is and how to win real money on MyVegas slots. We’re about to break it all down and give you some MyVegas slots tips and MyVegas slots strategy.

The catch is that, basically, you can play for free, but you can’t really win real money. However, you can win MyVegas slots free chips, which are virtual chips that can get you other rewards. This might sound like a lukewarm version of MyVegas slots real-money win, but trust us — it’s not.

Some of the things you can get for these virtual chips are: 

  • Crepes, 
  • BOGO drinks, 
  • Hotel stays, 
  • Shows, 
  • Attractions, 
  • Free buffet, 
  • Cruises, 
  • Helicopter rides, and more;

As this is a series of apps, let’s see which are the most popular and what they can do for you.

MyVegas Slots — Facebook MyVegas Slots — Mobile My Konami Slots MyVegas — Blackjack Pop Slots
This is the original way of playing MyVegas, and you need to play via a PC or laptop. This is the main app and where you will need to come to claim your rewards. You should start your MyVegas adventure here. The best thing about the Facebook App is you can set it on auto spin and just leave it to it, only checking back periodically to deal with a bonus or something. The Mobile version of the game is a great way to accrue your loyalty points. Playing directly on your phone can be a great way to pass the time or, ideally, enjoy a game while doing something else. Similar to the MyVegas Slots Mobile. This app has an older feel despite being newer and is based around older games from Konami Gaming. It can be a great way to rack up LP. My Vegas blackjack is a blackjack simulator and the only non-slot based app. This is fun to play and can provide quite a few chips, especially when you hit a good run. It is great for learning the game of blackjack too if you are a Vegas Gambling newbie! You can also see how fast you can lose all your money; at least it’s not real money. This is the newest and slickest app so far. It is really well created and is a joy to play. The communal bonus games are great. But it sucks for getting LP. Only very infrequently does a chip “bubble” appear. You also have to actively collect them, meaning you need to pay attention, or you may miss the chips.
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How To Redeem MyVegas Slot Points?

First of all, you should purchase loyalty points. With them, you can redeem the rewards when you use them. That’s something a lot of players find confusing, so let’s get that out of the way.

Secondly, make sure you play all games — on Facebook, Mobile Slots, and Mobil blackjack. Also, keep in mind that you should link them to your Facebook page. Facebook is also a great place to find out if there are some MyVegas slots cheats.


Most Popular Questions About MyVegas Slots

  • Can you win real money on MyVegas slots?

A: You can’t actually win real money, but, believe it or not, there’s actually something even better. MyVegas slots can reward you with virtual chips that are later used to earn gold points. These can then be traded for myriad of prizes, such as hotel stays, shows and attraction tickets, spas, lunches, dinners, and more. So if you wondered how to get real money on Myvegas slots, you might have gotten an even better answer than what you hoped for.

  • How do you redeem MyVegas slots?

A: After you’ve been playing MyVegas slots for free, you will win virtual chips. On their own, they don’t do anything, but after you get golden loyalty points, you will be able to trade them for actual prizes. After that, make sure you’ve played on three platforms: Facebook, Mobile Slots, and Mobile blackjack. 

Top Questions About Free Slots

  • Are MyVegas Slots free?

A: Yes, you can play MyVegas slots for free for a while. And that is what attracts most players to them — playing for free and winning real prizes. If you wondered if MyVegas slots pay real money, the answer is no, but you will be pleased with the rewards.

  • What are the best free slot games? 

A: Some of the best free slot games that players seem to enjoy the most would be Spartacus, Mega Moolah, Zeus, Alaskan Fishing, and more. 

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